'Katabasis' CD

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1. Avernus 13:13
2. Path of Ruin 7:42
3. Hierophant 9:29
4. Aphelion 10:51

The debut album, simply entitled 'Katabasis', combines elements of many disparate forms of metal and music in general, as the band seeks to establish an emotional grounding rather than a sonic one. Each of the album's songs give reign to delicacy, primal extremity, and a variety of textures between. Less concerned with pushing boundaries than it is with ignoring them, their debut release focuses on the purity and honesty of genuine musical expression. As quoted in a review of the album by VoltageMedia; "this is an album that has to be listened to at full volume - to truly experience the overwhelming nature of all of its elements, as this is a record that sends a shiver down one’s spine, and coils you in emotion."

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